Kartanomaa LKV Oy

Kartanomaa LKV Ltd  is an indepentant family business we offer to our costumers all-inclusive selling, buying and renting services.  Our fully trained team has long experience selling, marketing,  taxation and real estate.

Invite us to make a professional valuation. Our free no-obligation valuations take all local benefits into account, whether your property or apartment is surrounded by the schools, restaurants or transport links. Our marketing plan is always made individualy and  based on valuation report.


Our selling service

  • assessing the price of the apartment
  • preparing the brokerage contract in a professional manner
  • giving the seller advice and quidance on matters related to real estate transactions
  • Oikotie and Etuovi advertising and other marketing activities
  • taking prospective buyers to inspect the apartment
  • suppluing information to prospective buyers regarding the apartmentand the sale of the apartment
  • receiving offers and, possibly, a down payment
  • preparing the deed of sale

Our selling service and marketing plan is always made individual. 


Lawyer services

AP Attorneys at Law Office Ltd

  • Strives to be customer-oriented full-service law firm that specializes in comprensive local legal affairs
  • To achieve this goal AP Law office, has a comprehensive domestic as well as international cooperation with experts in different fields, such as corporate, tax, real estate, finance and construction.
  • Ap Law Office provides services to both companies and individuals aim at a long.term customer relationship.
  • Ap Law Office is an independent member of the Finnish Law association office, which complies with the rules of professional conduct.


Asianajotoimisto AP Law Office Oy
Ruusulankatu 14, 00250 Helsinki
Puh. 040 828 8055

Removal services

JA-KI Muutto Oy

Ja-Ki Muutto offers all-inclusive removal services in Finland and abroad. Spesial price for our customers.

JA-KI Muutto Oy
Hankasuontie 3 , 00390 Helsinki
Puh. 040 817 9780

Accounting services

Kartanomaa Oy, Tilitoimisto

Hoidamme monipuolisia tilitoimiston tehtäviä kuten kirjanpitoa ja tilinpäätöksiä, palkanlaskentaa ja laskutusta jne. Teemme myös kiinteistöihin ja verotukseen liittyviä toimeksiantoja kuten mm. metsäverolaskelmia ja ilmoituksia.

Kartanomaa Oy
Helsinki: Ruusulankatu 14,00250 Helsinki
Vantaa: Punakiventie 12, 01700 Vantaa
Puh. 050 360 5079

040 5656 798